Swap Shop Pamphlet:
In Fall 2017 created a pamphlet layout design, part of 'Publication One' class at Champlain College.  This pamphlet was implemented for the Center for Service and Sustainability's Swap Shop. The Swap Shop is an on-campus thrift store promoting waste reduction and repurposing goods.
Limited print version of  Swap Shop pamphlet to information Champlain College community and visitors about this resource. Please find more about the Swap Shop here.  This picture, to the right, was captured during the Tote bag event showcasing the printed pamphlet and behind that one of the old t-shirts from the Swap Shop turned into a functional tote bag.  
This is a digital marketing effort to create attention to upcoming Center for Service & Sustainability event such as the Nature Walk & Garbage Cleanup as stated above. 
Above is the official Trashion flyer that was hung around Champlain College campus as well as posted on digital screens across campus. To the left is the digital sticker created in adobe photoshop. After deliberation with the Trashion show committee. To the right, is the printed and cut stickers at the Trashion event. 
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