I designed this poster with original written description of the Liberties Cultural Association for the networking event called Love Dublin8. This community event was held at St. Patrick's Cathedral. This poster was viewed by an estimated 200 people at the community fair. 
Below is Freedom of the Liberties Certificate which I presented to the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Nial Ring in April 2019. This event was held at the Mayor's office with the 10 to 15 members of the Liberties Cultural Association.
Digital Adobe Illustrator file for certification. 
Framed and patted certification with original wax seal.
Photographic evidence that I met and bestowed the Freedom of the Liberties certification to the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Nial Ring. 
This photograph showcases the members of the Liberties Cultural Association along with myself and three members of administration at Champlain College. 
Below is the various posters for the Rebel Liberties Dinner. This event gathered Champlain students and staff with the local community members of Dublin8 or known as 'The Liberties'. An estimated 70 people attended event. 
A4 design Liberties Cultural Association's event.
A3 design for Liberties Cultural Association's event.
B5 design for Liberties Cultural Association's event.
These two photographs showcase me interacting with the members of the Liberties Cultural Association and other community members at the 'Rebel Liberties Dinner' event held at the Little Penny Flower Dinners; which is used a a community center for many of the LCA's events past, present, & future. 
Please find more information @theliberiesgroup on facebook and @LibertiesCultu1 on twitter for more on the Liberties Cultural Association.  
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